Sea Glass

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I understand art as a way of being in the world; a way of looking, seeing, and understanding. It embraces curiosity and philosophy, play, spirituality and community. It is an integral part of culture in its widest sense and is wonderful in the variety of its expression.

My practice is as a maker and a teacher; the two parts balance and inform each other. I make art to think and understand my relationship to the world more holistically; it is a different coming to knowing and allows for wider conversations.

My particular interests are sited within our human place within a wider ecology; with the mystery and power of interrelationships and with the marvellous within the everyday. I am preoccupied by transient moments of wonder, of beauty and loss which connect us to the joyful intensity of being alive and a part of this world.

I work with process and ideas of transformation. I tread a line between an enjoyment of the physicality of making and the playful exploration of material properties, and a fascination with the elusive and transient, the dissolution of the ephemeral. I am happy to work with the tension of contradiction: the solid and intangible, the presence of absence.

I will continue to work with the poetic, using elemental materials and natural processes and responding to people and place. To water and light, I am adding earth, extending my personal practice to work collaboratively and academically around the creation of soil and community.